References and Checks

Coordinate measuring machines are reliable in their measuring accuracy – however they need to be routinely qualified and checked. CMM checks are used for standard-compliant accuracy checks, and reference bodies (spheres and other gauges) are used to qualify sensors and styli in everyday life.
Reference bodies and holders

Reference bodies and holders

Reference spheres and bodies ensure the measuring accuracy in everyday life, and with reference to each new styli or sensor qualification. They can be optical gauges, reference spheres, ring gauges or triplets, all of which have a zero point in their center to guide the coordinate measuring machine. Depending on the measuring environment, thermally stable or standard holders are available for positioning the reference body. All products and certifications related to the coordinate measuring machine are available from ZEISS from a single source.
ZEISS CMM Checks  - conforming to standards

ZEISS CMM Checks - conforming to standards

Coordinate measuring machines shall be inspected regularly according to ISO quality standards 9000-9004. The procedure for acceptance and confirmation testing is described in detail in ISO 10360. CMM Checks are test specimens with a high-precision calibrated values, corresponding to the standard-compliant procedures for coordinate measuring machines according to VDI/VDE 2617 Sheet 5 and DIN EN ISO 10360. VDA 5 and VDI/VDE 2617 Sheet 8 are decisive for determining the suitability of the test process. The test specimens are also suitable for testing contour measuring machines according to VDI/VDE Guideline 2629. The measurement uncertainty can be determined according to ISO 15530 for certain geometrical elements.