M5, styli straight, tungsten carbide shaft, sphere diameter tolerance ±0,001

High precision styli are used in special measuring tasks, where low measuring uncertainties and stable results are needed. They are used for special applications and with high-end machines. High precision styli are delivered with a certificate. Tolerated diameter are used in self centering applications where special profiles needs to be scanned, e.g. gothic profiles.

High precision styli from ZEISS are delivered with a quality certificate where the real dimensions are documented. Unlike conventional grade 3 qualities, these styli provide the reliability of measured and verified accuracy values

Tungsten carbide is the most common shaft material, it combines a very good stiffness with an acceptable thermal expansion. Only the weight can have a negative effect when using large styli. Tungsten carbide shafts represent a good combination in terms of weight, rigidity and thermal expansion.

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