Styli with M2 thread are especially suitable for switching probes. With the appropriate connecting element they can also be connected to other thread systems. In the M2 range, styli using ruby or silicon nitride spheres are available. The shaft is made of tungsten carbide as standard. Cylindrical styli, which are made entirely of tungsten carbide, and disk styli made of ceramic, are also available.

  • Stylus straight
    Stylus straight
    Styli with straight shaft are used for all standard applications.
  • Stylus stepped
    Stylus stepped
    Styli with stepped shaft for easy accessible parts requiring small spheres.
  • Cylinder stylus
    Cylinder stylus
    Cylinder styli measure two-dimensionally and are used to measure thin sheets narrow workpiece edges.
  • Disc stylus
    Disc stylus
    Disc styli are used to measure rotationally symmetrical workpieces with undercuts or recesses and bores.