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Pallet feed Duplex, standard, incl. connection cable

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Pallet feed Duplex, standard, with TSI preparation for DuraMax 5/5/5 with standard base frame.
ZEISS pallet feed Duplex for mounting of two pallets with the dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm. Pallets are not included in the scope of delivery.
- Prepared for temperature sensor interface (TSI). Temperature sensors and interfaces are not included.
- Installation height: 56 mm (reduction of measuring range in Z)
- Maximum total load per pallet: 30 kg
- Increase of the total maximum loading to 50 kg, unless setup is done during the measuring process
- High throughput and machine capacity utilization due to simultaneous setup during the measuring process
- Fast, ergonomic workpiece changevia a simple shift movement into the measuring volume
- Safety ensured by pallet fixation equipment and unlocking lever
- Safe, secure positioning via lowering onto three-point support
- CMM protection by reciprocal lockingof pallet feed and CMM
- Simple and direct screw connection on CMM
- Incl. connection cable [Harting plug]
- Documentation in English and German
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Pallet System

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