Reference Sphere Holders (RSH) (13)

Inclined in space, can be rotated and fixed: With the Reference Sphere Holder (RSH, for Reference Sphere Holder), consisting of a solid body and the mounting ball, the measuring ball can be positioned at any angle in space. Once the desired position is reached, it can be fixed - for maximum flexibility during calibration.
Reference sphere holder, Invar L300
Length (L)
300,0 mm
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Twin reference sphere holder, Invar L300
Length (L)
300,0 mm
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Twin reference sphere holder, ThermoFit
Length (L)
200,0 mm
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Three material variants

Three material variants

The selection of the calibration sphere holder is primarily based on the measurement environment. They are available in three material variations:
Standard holders made of stainless steel are suitable for air-conditioned measuring rooms; they are available in different lengths, each of which can be found in the article description.
ThermoFit sphere holders are not only stable in length, but also have an unsurpassed flexural strength. They are made of thermally stable carbon fibre tubes and are suitable for use in fluctuating ambient temperatures, e.g. for measurements in production areas. They are only available in a column length of 200 mm.
Measuring sphere holders made of invar steel are available in column lengths of 200 mm, 300 mm or 400 mm. Since they are low-expansion, they are suitable for environments with fluctuating temperature.
All three versions are offered with single holders for one and double holders for two measuring spheres. The spheres are available separately; their selection depends on the purpose of use.