ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 is an extension with a common carbon fibre which is used in several applications. It is also used in the most carbon fibre extensions in the market. REACH CFX® 1 extensions are the perfect entry into the high performance measurement. The thermal behaviour is is considerably better than with aluminum extensions. This is demonstrated by a considerably better reproducibility, especially with fluctuating ambient temperatures. Compared to titanium extensions, ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 has a considerably better rigidity and can be used with the same accuracy at a higher scanning speed. To ensure that you always measure with the highest possible accuracy, ZEISS will no longer sell aluminum and titanium extensions. With the new ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 carbon fiber extension, you get better performance with a consistent investment. ZEISS REACH CFX® 1 recommended for: ZEISS SPECTRUM, ZEISS CONTURA and comparable CMMs