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Diamond!Scan Stylus Kit

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This stylus system kit contains various M5 styli Diamond!Scan®, as well as an adapter plate VAST with plate extension and cube, and ThermoFit® extensions. It was specially designed for form measurement on PRISMO ultra.1x 626107-2050-110 plate extension, ThermoFit, cube 20, DGE20, LE50, ML96,5, B202x 602030-0222-000 pin wrench, 2,91x 626107-2050-100 stylus extension, ThermoFit, DGE20, LE501x 626107-2100-100 stylus extension, ThermoFit, DGE20, LE1001x 600342-8020-000 stylus with thread, tungsten carbide shaft, ruby sphere, DK3, L33,51x 626115-0109-022 diamond stylus, shouldered, tungsten carbide, DK1, L222x 626115-0119-032 diamond coated stylus, shouldered, tungsten carbide, DK1,05, L321x 626115-0309-033 diamond stylus, tungsten carbide, grade10, DK3, L332x 626115-0319-033 diamond coated stylus, shouldered, tungsten carbide, DK3,05,L331x 626115-0519-050 diamond coated stylus, shouldered, tungsten carbide, DK5,05, L50
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