Diamond!Scan mono stylus with thread, M5, straight

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✔ Diamond coated stylus sphere for most materials and surfaces
✔ Stylus sphere and shaft are made of one piece (monolithic structure)
✔ Better overall stiffness and stability as one connection point is eliminated
✔ Straight shaft with longer measuring length
Proven ZEISS quality thorugh the use of selected materials

Spherical styli have the largest field of application because they have the same probing behavior in every direction. They are therefore suitable for all common measuring tasks such as measuring bores and surfaces. The larger the stylus sphere size, the larger the mechanical filter. This means that the profile of your workpiece is smoothened, which is often required in form measurement. The deviation from the ideal sphere shape is usually shown in "Grade". ZEISS styli spheres have Grade 5 as standard, but can also be offered in a higher Grade 3 for special requirements. Styli with a straight shaft are the most simple designed styli. The full shaft length can be used as measuring length.

Product information:
Diamond coated styli are very robust and have almost no material deposits during measurement. Due to their very smooth surface, which is achieved by a special polishing process, diamond-coated spheres made by ZEISS are also particularly suitable for measurements on highly sensitive materials such as mirror surfaces or glass bodies. In addition, the patented manufacturing process allows for high-precision spheres with a roundness of less than 70 nm. ZEISS uses carbide shafts for standard styli. These represent a good combination in terms of weight, rigidity and thermal expansion.

Product note:
Depending on the material of the styli and the workpiece, wear of the styli may occur. Therefore, we recommend to check the styli regularly for wear. Also remember to clean the styli or replace them if necessary. ZEISS Styli Cleaning Wipes are available.

To learn more about ZEISS styli, book our free stylus eLearning.

product type
Connection Type
Ø Sphere (DK)
2,5 mm
Length (L)
58,0 mm
Ø Shaft (DS)
4,0 mm
Ø Body (DG)
11,0 mm
Meas. Len.
48,0 mm
Stylus Type
Ø2 Shaft (DSE)
1,5 mm
2. Meas. Len.
33,0 mm
Stylus Tip
Styl. Tip Mat.
Diamond Coated
Shaft Mat.
Tung. Carb
8,68 g

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