OmniFix® Kit – jointed arm, 1000x1000mm

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Universally applicable
Simple, individual setup for your measuring task
Increased productivity through fast part change
Repeatable clamping possible
High-quality aluminum components for higher stability and less wear
✔ Providing CAD data of the individual components - for easier design of clamping systems

The OmniFix Kit - jointed arm, 1000x1000mm is a universally applicable clamping system for medium to large components. The user-friendly modular system has universal measurement mounting units with adjustment or setting options in 6 degrees of freedom. Components can thus be fixed in any desired position. A fixture for workpieces can be flexibly and efficiently produced from several fixture units.

Suitable for: medium to large components, prototype construction

The entire OmniFix Kit series is modular and compatible with each other.

Would you like to learn more about ZEISS OmniFix? You can find more informations about the product here.

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