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Matting spray (non-volatile), 1 can

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Contrast medium for optical applications
Creates a white matt surface on the object, average grain size 6 µm
 Very good wetting on the mentioned surfaces
 The layer thickness to be applied can be freely determined
 Solvent-based, fast drying
 Easily wipeable with a cloth or brush or washable with water

3D scanning sprays are used for matting or antireflection coating of reflective, mirror-like, transparent or dark surfaces in optical 3D laser measurement technology (also called laser scanning). 3D laser scanning enables fast and precise measurement of complex geometries. In order to be able to optimally capture shiny and reflective objects with the laser, a matting agent is applied to the surface in advance. Non-volatile sprays are non-sublimating and remain on the surface after measurement. The surface can then be cleaned very easily with a brush or with water.

Product information:
Non-Volatile scanning sprays are suitable for the following materials
– Metals and non-metals
– Thermoplastics like PC, PP, PU or ABS
– Glass
– Ceramics
– Polyester, cotton, PLA fibers
The suitability for other materials must be tested in advance by the user

Aerosol can spray 360° overhead

Scope of delivery:
1 aerosol can, 500 ml capacity

Product note:
Extremly flammable aerosol, keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources (safety data sheet available on request)
100% free from titanium dioxide

product type
Matting Spray

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